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TextReader: Text Scanner App


Indispensable app scanner for documents, bills, receipts, business cards, invoices, whiteboards, photos and many more.Applicable scan app for individuals, businesses, organizations, educational establishments.Organize your documents in 5 easy steps:1. Make a photo of any text2. Crop it and optimize the scan quality3. Manage scans4. Save it on your device or on clouds5. Share via e-mailClever Scanner Features* High speed advanced scanner app.* High resolution and perfect colour scans* Easy to use for - scanning all kinds of documents - emailing scanned documents - saving scans to Google Drive - editing - downloading scans to the computer
Our free scanner app will help you to solve your problems. Scanner app will help you get rid of a mess in your docs once and for all.Clever Scanner - scan app, that will save your time and effort.
Trustworthy smart assistant keeps you company all the time.
Store your notes in ideal order with our free scanner app.Store any type of visual info in a perfect order.
All you need is always at hand. You can share it with your family, friends or colleagues. 24/7 access to your stored notes. 24/7 access to every note you’ve done.
Keep going without losing anything.Be on the move with all docs on your smartphone or on the cloud.App scanner: keep pace with the most advanced technologies.
* Practical scanner app. for sorting and storing scans* Capable to work on both phones and tablets* Possibility to search documents by title* Unlimited number of pages / images* Attractive handy design